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"Another day" - avril lavigne

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Another day,another night,

Is this going to be alright?

I'm really wondering

If this is reality or just another day,

Another night,

That I'm without you,

I'm spending another day,

I'm not thirsty but the rain keeps falling down,

On you and me like a blessing from above,

And when you look into my eyes,

Its like nobody else is there,

Just coming on through a terrible day,

You weren't there to say the things you usually say,

So I guess I've been doing fine,

But not really because I'm lost without you,

Never to say,you're usually here with me but not today,

There was no one to talk to or to turn to when I was feeling down,

Just looking back on the pages of my life,

Turning through the good and the bad times,

But thats when I had you,to say,


Another day another night

Is it going to be alright?

I worried that so long ago,

But now I have you,

To look back on our lives,

I'm just saying this because thats when I didn't have you,

Like the good or the bad times,

Another day another night,

Is it going to be okay?

At least till the next day,

When I realize,

It was another day,another night,

It was going to be alright,

Just the thought of you going away,

It would be another day,

I came through,I cried my heart out,

And should of been saying to you,

This is another day,

I guess it was okay,

Just its a another night,

You tell me that we're together through

Thick and thin,

I'm telling you,that something here wasn't going to be so right,

On another night,

Or another day....

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