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Yo, even if you don't dance, rock to this
Let your pants sag, stand up and block to this
Come on mami, relieve stress, you don't need rest
So while the niggers lay cash, you chicks shake ass

If you're floatin' real high
And you feelin' the vibe
Won't you get on the floor and just dance for me
If you're feeling the groove
It ain't knocking for you
So just get on the floor and just dance for me

And I know you been stressed
That's how we got you messed up
Get on the floor and just dance for me
Just be here and you'll jump
So stay here 'till it close
And stay up on the floor and just dance for me

Hey, I know it's been rough
But I'm tryin' to make it easy
For everybody to dance for me
So come one, come all, come everybody
Me and you, all of us 'bout to really party
And you know that we're gonna put it down
After two more drinks, we'll be feelin' the sound


Get off the wall cuz I know that you can feel me
Stop the fronting and dance for me
So come one, come all, come everyone
And me and you, all of us, by the way we party
And you know that we're gonna put it down
After four more drinks we'll be fallin' down


Leave all your troubles and your cares behind
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, not tonight, no
Don't drink too much because we have all night
Don't you rush because it's all night long


Yeah, yeah, yo
Party time, pull the Linx out, get the minks out
Or come ghetto, but just dance to the music
Feel the vibe, I'll throw up your hands and loose it
You say you ball 'till you fall
Well it's your chance to prove it
You on hand 'till the sun up
And the pounds of smoke, bottles is empty
And I got them models in the Bentley
And six simply when I bounce in the club
Around thugs that smoke ounces of blunt
Cop cases of Cris', pop 'till they can't taste the shit
But hell, what's the major event
Real niggas, real broads, ill cars, hot rims
Sedan Coupes, SUV's, to the drop Benz
From the outside in, the party rock
We just started and we ain't tryin' to hardly stop
From the Bellvedere to the Bacardi shots
Just dance ma, cuz you know the bar hot


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