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"Family Reunion" - jill scott

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"Family Reunion"

We at the family reunion, tellin' jokes and playin' spades
Uncle Dave is on the barbeque grill
Grandma braggin 'bout the blanket she made
For the new baby on her way
Even though the daddy ain't really ready
This child is coming...anyway, yeah

Neicey made her famous potatoe salad, somehow it turns out green
Maybe its all the scalyums, could be the celery
But oh, Uncle Jerome loves it (Hmm)
Hey baby baby, here comes my favorite...my favorite cousin
He says he doing fine, takin'it one step a day but in my heart I know it ain't that way

Whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa
What can you say...its family
And whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa whoa-o-whoa
What can you say...its family

Aunt Juicy been drinkin' again...ooh its only 1:30 in the afternoon
Everybody tip-toeing 'round her, we all know she gonna be toe up soon
Saying all the things we like to say, hope she gets around to Cousin Lonnie
Cause We all know he got a little extra somebody on the side (But)


Oh shit, Damn Micky and Steven are fighten again
Move out the way, somebody might get hurt
Aw Look at that what happen is worst
They knocked over HElenora's Lemon Cake (Emm)
You know the one she barely ever makes
I'm gettin rilled up, I want them to go
But Somebody turn Frankly Beverly on the stereo
Cousin Ruby starts rockin', shaker her good hip and bottom
So we all fall into place, smiling and laughing


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