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Youtube video and lyrics of ' ', a  song Keith Sweat - How Deep Is Your Love?

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Spend all day thinking
All night wondering
Why love has to has to change

You kiss me
But it's not real
Tell me what happened
Are we living a lie baby?
Did that magic go wrong
O0oh do you feel the same way you used to girl?
Ooh tell me
Is it wrong for us to love like this?

How deep is your love
How deep is your love
Girl, how deep is your love
O0h o0h o0h o0h o0o0h

You run your fingers
Through my hair
You tell me you love me
You act like everything between us is all right girl
But you know
You know that it's not true
You love me?
Or do you wanna leave me baby?
Tell me girl
I can take it
Something is not right now no no
Tell me how deep is your love ooh

I love you
I love you
I love you
Woh o0o0h o0o0h o0o0h o0ooh ooo0h
I love you, love you, love you
Oh yes I do my baby
Shoo be doo, be doop be doop, do be doop, doo be doop, doo be doop my baby
Mmm mmm shoo be dooh, be dooh be, dooh wap baby
That means I love you darling
I just can't figure out baby
One minute I think you love me
And the next one I think you dont
I don't understand it

o0o0o0o0h o0o0o0h o0o0o0oh

I'm just going insane trying to figure you out baby
How deep is your love
I wanna know
You gotta tell me baby
Ooh ohh oooh ooooh...{FADES OUT}

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